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Frequently Asked Questions

1. This Internet apartment search thing is new to me how do I make an appointment to see some the Apartments or houses I have seen Online?
Each Apartment has a contact Phone number and/or email address. Contact the owner or manager directly and confirm showing times.

2. Does own all of these apartments and houses for rent?
No. Each home or apartment is individually owned separately.
The phone number and/or email address with each property will put you in direct contact with the manager or owner.

3. Does manage rental property?
NO. is an Internet based 24 hr 7 day a week information service, provided for free.
Phone Numbers and/or email addresses are supplied for direct contact with the owner or manager of each property.

4. If I'm a Landlord what do you need specifically from me to get my properties listed?
At least one photo of your property is required to be uploaded within 3 days of the time you register, however, several photos are highly recommended so folks can see what you are offering.
Visit our Listings Area where you can easily register with us. Scroll to the very bottom of the page for detailed instructions. Once you are registered & logged in, you can start uploading your files & detailed property information immediately. All pictures must be jpeg or gif format, all rental applications must be in word doc or PDF., Please be as accurate on your information as possible. If you have an e-mail address, you can use that on your posting also.
Please Note: Photos of your property must be uploaded within a few days after you register, otherwise your registration will be deleted from our database and you will be required to re-register.

5. I've submitted a property to your site, when can I expect to see it listed for public viewing?
Most often times, your property will be listed within 24 hours. If you do not see it listed within 24 hours, it's usually because you failed to include detailed contact information when you uploaded each of your photos. Contact us at 513-479-1009 and we will make every effort possible to get your listings active.
Include details on every file, descibing which property it belongs to (Street address, City and State) and is it for sale or only for lease? Ask yourself this question: If a stranger looks at this photo, all by itself, can he or she determine where the property is located and who to contact? Please understand, your photos will be mixed amongst several other photos of properties being submitted by other owner/landlords. Every file/photo MUST include detailed information for us to determine exactly where it belongs, and how it should be categorized.

6. I am confused, why do I need to register?
If you are only looking for a property to rent, lease or purchase, there is absolutely NO Reason to register on this web site.
Registration is only needed for landowners and/or managers, in order for them to post free listings of their properties. All registrations are simply deleted within a few days if no properties have been uploaded.

7. I am tired of renting how do find out if I can buy a house?
Contact R.J. Seifert at (859) 468-8005 or visit his web site:

8. Do you allow postings of properties for sale?
YES, we have Houses For Sale and Commercial Listings!

9. This web site is awesome. I've been searching for a good webmaster. How can I get one designed for myself?
Contact our Webmaster Gary Gideon. He is always looking for more customers. Send him an email

Have any other questions you need answered?
Just send us an email and we'll post the answer ASAP!

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